PIW 2010 in Maputo: sharing WSUP experience

The WSUP Project Implementation Workshop (PIW) was held in Maputo from 22nd to 27th November. This year the theme was on sanitation and “what’s working, what’s not working, and how can we scale up?” It is a key event for the urban WASH sector that enables a rich discussion between practitioners and local service providers: to hear from water utility staff the challenges they face in getting internal support for pro-poor urban services, or from small scale independent providers – their story in working with a local municipality on delivering sanitation services as a business.

A particularly candid experience for me was sitting in a relaxed discussion between water utility staff, Government Ministers, and regulators debating the question “Can water utilities expand into the sanitation sector?” To get this direct debate going was a real opportunity to learn the partnership dynamics at play between different stakeholders in the urban water and sanitation scene. Lusaka Water shared their experience of collecting a sanitation levy as part of the water tariff. This suggests that a utility doesn’t necessarily need to have a mandate for sanitation to use their billing system as a means of collecting revenue for the implementation of sanitation improvements by another government body.

The whole week fed into the objective of sharing and disseminating pro-poor approaches to urban service delivery that can be shared with the sector. The week is being documented at the time of writing and the final output will be shared on this site in due course.

Click here for the Agenda and list of Participants for the week. [No longer available]

About Andy Narracott

Urban water and sanitation professional. Programme Coordinator for the USAID African Cities for the Future Programme.
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