Bamako, Mali: the water supply chain

In May 2010, David Schaub-Jones from Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation (BPD) visited Bamako to investigate the urban water market in Commune VI. The short ‘Picture Book’ above shares some insights from David’s visit. The study’s objective was two-fold: to act as a partnership baseline study so WSUP can more easily track its progress in its role as a broker in bringing about change; and secondly, to document ‘visions of change’ of the stakeholders to help move the dialogue of the water sector forward.

These studies have been funded by CARE International UK to support the objectives of the ACF program. Owing to the candid nature of some of these reports, not all are available for sharing on this website. However in some cases, as in the Bamako example, a separate document – shorter and in both English and French – has been developed which discusses possible innovations that could be introduced to Bamako’s urban water market. They can be accessed by clicking on the links below.

Download the English version here: Recommendations for improving the urban water market in Bamako (Size: 696 KB) [No longer available]

About Andy Narracott

Urban water and sanitation professional. Programme Coordinator for the USAID African Cities for the Future Programme.
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