Quarterly Update Jan-March 2011: ANTANANARIVO, MADAGASCAR


  • The procurement process is underway for the construction of 22 new community water and sanitation service points in the peri-urban areas of Andranonahoatra and Bemasoandro. A process to identify the location for water kiosks was held in consultation with local stakeholders and using a multi-criteria tool. Utility JIRAMA has agreed the locations and given cost estimates for connection works. The legal process to transfer the lands to the Communes has commenced and permits for construction delivered for most of the facilities.
  • A mapping exercise of stakeholders has been undertaken to identify the possible local actors on the supply chain for sanitation products and services in focus peri-urban communes and to have a better knowledge and understanding of the local context. This has been accompanied by preliminary research to segment the population to assess the potential demand for sanitation products and services. The study also identifies the most effective communication channels and the behavior change determinants to increase demand for affordable household latrines. Local volunteers, the Communal WASH Committee, and media communication channels will all take part in communicating the key marketing messages.
  • Training of the local development committee in procurement processes has been undertaken to ensure they are involved in the process, and for them to launch similar initiatives long after the program ends.
  • The Communal WASH Committee in the two Communes of Andranonahoatra and Ambohidrapeto and the WSUP team joined the celebration of World Water Day with the World Walks for Water initiative organized by the National DIORANO WASH platform. In Anivorano, WSUP celebrated the event with other WATSAN and USAID partners during which WSUP performed a hygiene promotion puppet show.
  • A consultation meeting was held with the Development Committee in Andranonahoatra and local stakeholders regarding the establishment of management structures for the WASH facilities to ensure continued use and a long life for the services.

About Andy Narracott

Urban water and sanitation professional. Programme Coordinator for the USAID African Cities for the Future Programme.
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