Quarterly Update Jan-March 2011: MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE

  • The contract has been awarded for the construction of water supply network in the two bairros of Mafalala and Xipamanine with house and shared low-cost connections. The government has committed to replacing a stretch of mains water pipe to enable water to flow to the bairro of Mafalala.
  • A contractor has been selected to construct five communal sanitation blocks in the poor bairro of Chamanculo. The necessary re-ordering of some houses was necessary to allow access and space for construction in an already very dense neighbourhood. The process has been made easier by a very engaged councillor who has been supportive of providing formal land rights.
  • A local organisation has continued to assist in promoting improved hygiene practices using water whilst promoting the update of new water connections.
  • Education campaigns about water and hygiene were realized in 10 schools on World Water Day, March 22, with games contest and prizes given to best drawings and answers in a quiz about WASH.
  • Consultation meetings have been held with two school committees in need of an upgrade of their sanitation facilities. An initial survey has been completed and outline costs prepared.
  • WSUP is supporting the regulator CRA to conduct a study to define the affordable tariff for the poorest of the poor. This work might possibly be supported by Stanford University who have undertaken a previous study with CRA on customer segmentation.
  • A one week “water loss and leakage management” training workshop was conducted for a group of staff from utility AdeM, asset holder FIPAG and water operator EMA. Two leading international experts led the course, incorporating classroom and field based activities. The workshop prompted a major restructuring utility AdeM’s non-revenue water and leakage management techniques.

About Andy Narracott

Urban water and sanitation professional. Programme Coordinator for the USAID African Cities for the Future Programme.
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