The 3rd Annual Report

The third Annual Report has been out for some time and we would like to remind readers that it is ready for download and can be accessed here.

ACF Table 1

We have come a long way since the 2nd Annual Report, and this table is just a taste of what we’ve been able to accomplish in collaboration with communities, civil society organizations, local service providers, and government agencies.

A few highlights from the Annual Report include:

  • ACF has constructed a water supply system designed to serve 7,000 people, and a public latrine block serving 800 people in Kumasi.  These are now fully operational and the forms of agreement for the operational institutional and financial models have been signed.
  • ACF has helped establish an anti-corruption committee within the Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Corporation.
  • ACF has implemented water supply extensions covering approximately 15,000 people in Karagita.

This is minute in comparison to the number of highlights in the Annual Report and while we have made leaps and bounds in addressing the challenge of providing clean water and sanitation in urban slums, there is much more work to be done still.

“190 million people living in urban areas do not have access to safe sanitation and this number is likely to increase to 898 million by 2015.  140 million people living in urban areas do not have access to safe affordable water and this number is expected to increase to 296 million by 2015.”*

* Source: UN Habitat (2008) The State of the African Cities Report 2008: A Framework for Addressing Urban Challenges in Africa

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