In the final extension year of the ACF programme in Kenya, work expanded into Nakuru, Kenya’s fourth largest town. According to the UN, it is the fastest growing town in Africa – a huge number of migrants are finding their way into informal settlements with generally poor services in water and sanitation. Around 40% of the total urban population of 308,000 live in the 40 low-income areas.

The work in Mwariki low-income area in Nakuru meant 23,500 people benefited from improvements to water quality, affordability and access.

Our work focused on supporting the local service provider, Nakuru Water and Sanitation Services Company (NAWASSCO), particularly in their operations relating to reduction of NRW through 8.6km of network repairs and installation of 85 prepaid water dispensers, along with repair of 20 more.

These dispensers benefit low-income consumers and the utility alike. They are an effective way to reduce the utility’s NRW, since water can only be obtained when it has already been paid for. Consumers have 24-hour access to clean, automatically-dispensed water as well as avoiding inconvenient water rationing schedules by landlords on traditional post-paid meters. Landlords also save money and time since they do not have to control water usage by tenants. NAWASSCO has faced O&M challenges with this technology, but a pre-paid metering business model and O&M policy was developed.

ACF also supported 8.6km of  network repairs/intensification in the target area (Mwariki). Network leakages are responsible for poor water pressure, which leads to water being only intermittently available, and pathogens in groundwater surrounding the leak site can cause contamination. Tackling these issues has resulted in NRW reduction and better service – both in terms of reliability and water quality – for 4,000 people living in the target area.

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