Technical Approach

The ACF programme draws from the experience WSUP has accumulated through its portfolio of projects in Africa and is based on 5 strategic objectives:

  • addressing key gaps in the enabling environment, particularly institutional linkages
  • providing targeted operational support to water services providers, sanitation authorities, private sector and community based organizations to improve capacity to deliver services to the poor;
  • demonstrating improved service delivery in water, sanitation and hygiene, using innovative approaches;
  • learning to inform local stakeholders, governments and donors including USAID;
  • developing large scale plans into which national and international funding can be invested.

These 5 objectives embody WSUP’s approach to sustainability and they also ensure that the ACF Programme will achieve sustainable outcomes. In addition to these specific objectives, the programme has a cross-cutting objective to explicitly address women’s needs and to engage both men and women in more equitable participation within the urban  Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) sector.

Projects are being delivered through the WSUP partnership, with substantial inputs from CARE, WaterAid and Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation (BPD), working in partnership with local institutions and supported by local and international private sector expertise.