Scale up

The delivery of water and sanitation services at scale is a fundamental priority if the sector is to meet the MDGs. In the urban context, the most effective approach is to take a city wide view from the start. The ACF Program will develop a program of work and detailed budget for scale up to reach at least 100,000 poor consumers and sensitive to the needs of the whole city.

Such programs will take into account key principles of sustainability. First, it is not necessarily the case that “pilot” projects are scalable. The programs will identify the potential barriers to scale up and recommend strategies to address these. Secondly, scale up plans need to take into account the total water catchment of the city and ensure this is protected. Plans should also include the effective treatment of waste water and sanitation effluent. Thirdly, proposals need to be realistic. The plans will include actual costs, revenue, and expenditure calculations collected from the field. Detailed financial projections, including an estimate of the sustainable grant to debt ratio, will be essential in convincing national government and their funding partners to adopt these approaches in their national investment plans.